B.Sc. in Geophysical Engineering and M.Sc. in Hydrology from the Colorado School of Mines

My profession passions include 3D visualization, open-source software development, & reproducibile research


I build open-source software focusing around earth science, 3D visualization, and reproducible science. These are some of my notable projects!

For the most up-to-date information, follow me on GitHub! I am a co-creator of the PyVista project - an effort devoted to making 3D visualization and analysis tools more accessible to researchers. I am also the founder of OpenGeoVis, a similar, offshoot project focusing on geoscience applications.

Much of my contributions to open-source projects are a part of my efforts with OpenGeoVis and PyVista.


The PyVista project is a collection of Free Licensed Open Source Software (FLOSS) around 3D visualization and mesh analysis in Python.


PVGeo is an open-source Python package for geoscientific visualization in VTK and ParaView, built on top of PyVista.


Scooby is a lightweight toolset to easily report your Python environment’s package versions and hardware resources. This utility has been adopted by a wide range of open source projects.


A PyVista (and VTK) interface for the Open Mining Format package (omf) providing Python 3D visualization and usable mesh data structures for processing datasets in the OMF specification.